Autobiography on Sobriety

I Didn’t Believe It Either

“Drinking was so central to everything I did, it didn’t feel like I was just giving up drinking, it felt like I was giving up life.”

If you’ve ever thought about doing something about your drinking but been held back by fear or anything else, this book is for you.

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Todd’s Story

Todd was a classic gray area drinker who looked like he had it all together on the outside. But on the inside, he was tormented by his relationship with alcohol. He loved drinking and being the life of the party, yet there was so much about drinking he didn’t like: the control it had on him, how it consumed his every thought and how he felt after drinking too much.

He spent six years evaluating his relationship with alcohol and employing every moderation hack in the book. Some of them worked, but it was exhausting and the victories were always short-lived.

By 2019, Todd was growing tired of fighting his internal battle. He was worn down by the constant negotiating and obsessing, and he was sick of the torment, shame and regret. Then in the fall of that year, his wife whispered something into his ear that would end up changing his life forever. He decided to quit drinking.

Giving up alcohol was scary and overwhelming. Even though Todd knew it was the right decision, he also thought life without alcohol would be a little dull and boring, a bit like a prison sentence for not being able to “drink like a normal person.”  

What he discovered, however, was that giving it up was the farthest thing from a prison sentence.  “I Didn’t Believe it Either” is the raw, honest, vulnerable and sometimes funny story of Todd’s journey to quitting the one thing he thought he couldn’t live without and his discovery that sobriety is better than he ever imagined.

If you’ve ever thought about doing something about your drinking but been held back by fear or anything else, this book is for you.

“I had a whole list of horrible things that I was 100% convinced would happen to me if I gave up alcohol. Guess what? None of them happened. I was wrong about it all.”

“I am a better father, husband, and person as a nondrinker, and I like myself more. What’s more masculine than that?”

“I was scared of who I would be as a nondrinker. Scared that people wouldn’t like me. Scared that people would make fun of me. Scared that I’d be left out. Scared that life would pass me by.”

I Didn’t Believe It Either

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“Amidst the plethora of female stories in the quit lit genre comes a much-needed male experience. Todd shares his story with humility and humor, and his words helped me piece together fragments of my own story that had been unresolved for years. Todd’s voice is a beacon, especially for other men still hiding in the shadows of their shame.”

– Kezia Calvert, Co-Host of The Weekend Sober

“This book is a must read for anyone who may be curious about their relationship with alcohol. No matter where you are on life’s path, you will find yourself in Todd’s game-changing words. I could not put the book down. Todd shows the reader how he has changed the trajectory of his family by choosing to live alcohol free. As Josh Brolin so perfectly wrote: “Sobriety is when your kids can look at you and trust what they see.”

– Peggi Cooney, author of This Side of Alcohol

“Through his reflective storytelling, Todd is able to sincerely depict the surrendering experience of giving up alcohol. Consequently, he is able to show exactly how the undeniable freedom that accompanies life on the other side truly feels. This is a book all dads should read, regardless of where they think they stand with alcohol.”

-Kimberly Kearns, author of On The Edge of Shattered

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    • "I Didn't Believe it Either" takes you on a compelling journey through Todd's life as a classic gray area drinker, presenting a façade of having it all together while grappling with a tumultuous relationship with alcohol. With candor and humor, Todd shares his six-year struggle to moderate his drinking and the exhausting battles he faced. In 2019, a whispered revelation…
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